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Preparation & Research for an Interview

Research and preparation is the key to a successful interview. Employers are looking for ‘the best’ person for the job and the decision will be based on this brief meeting. Ensure you speak confidently about the post and know some background to the company.

Preparation and research help minimise interview fears, thus allowing the candidate to concentrate on a productive meeting.

1. First of all, confirm where the interview is being held and double check the date and time.

2. Plan your route in advance and allow plenty of time in case of traffic or misdirection. If necessary contact your Consultant at Rustington Recruitment for direction information.

3. Make sure you know the name and position of the person conducting the interview. If necessary, ring the company or Rustington Recruitment to clarify.

4. Take the appropriate telephone number with your other directions. Rustington Recruitment will supply telephone numbers for your convenience.

5. Research the company background and the position you are applying for. Knowledge of the company will show genuine interest and help you to gain an insight into the day to day running of their affairs. Should you have difficulty obtaining any information, your Consultant at Rustington Recruitment will provide you with some information about the prospective client, but you should carry out some further research:

  • Check the company website. It will provide an array of interesting and relevant materials including publications (some on your specialism), press releases and literature regarding the company ethos, its’ vision and policies.
  • Obtain an annual report or any company brochures.
  • Telephone the relevant department and discuss the position you are applying for.

6. Consider what questions you may be asked at the interview.

7. Read and re-read your CV. It is vital you are familiar with the content. Your CV will be the basis for discussion at the interview and you could be questioned on any aspect. Take several copies with you and review the CV whilst waiting to be seen.

8. Consider dress code. Your appearance should be smart, even if the company is quite informal. A first impression is a lasting one. Wear a suit to suggest a professional and formal approach. Allow adequate time for personal preparation and do not overlook anything that will enhance your appearance.

9. Ensure you have prepared some pertinent questions to ask during the interview. Your research will highlight areas for discussion.

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